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cock-crown-gay.jpgWhy would you crown your cock?

Our elegant cock rings are more than something to look at.
Throughout the ages, the many benefits of wearing a penis ring have been renowned.


How they work:

Cock rings safely keep as much of the blood in your penis as possible, thereby prolonging your erection. This is achieved by simply restricting the blood flow from leaving your penis.

This simple function gives you four great advantages:

  • Firmer, longer-lasting erections
  • Heighten the intensity of orgasm
  • Increase the volume of ejaculation
  • Control any premature ejaculation

Sex is also an emotional and mental endeavour, of course, and feeling good about ourselves is a big part of feeling sexy. Just a simple piece of adult jewellery like a stylish penis ring can add that little extra that you have been looking for.


How each of our penis rings work:

Our Cock Crown is placed just below the head of the penis, increasing the volume of blood in the head of the penis created a larger and more sensitive head. This is truly noticeable when entering or exiting your lover, as the extra girth often makes a popping sound.

Our G-Spot Cock Ring is just as effective at prolonging your erection. And at the same time, the bulbous head will rub the G-Spot during vaginal intercourse, or the P-Spot during anal sex.